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Community Safety

First Farms & Forests supports the work of Spirit Horse Lodge to provide opportunities for Indigenous community members in conflict with the law to get out on the land, self discover and gain a sense of cultural connectedness which studies show is a key determinant of Indigenous health. Our focus is developing solutions in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Calls to Action #31, #32, #38.

Transformation of the Justice System through Return to the Teachings

In the courts, First Farms & Forests Justice Project to Advance Reconciliation (JPAR) as the Indigenous Justice Pathways program creates opportunities for community sanctions as realistic alternatives to imprisonment.​ In the community, we work to provide land access (place) and a culturally safe ecosystem (space and relationships) where good things can grow. When these opportunities exist for law of the land learning, and, culturally safe environments make room for healing, judges are provided a path to reason departure from mandatory sentencing.

We envision a future where traditional wisdom prevails with an end to unnecessary child apprehension, over incarceration and loss of life of Indigenous peoples.

We envision future generations of strong and engaged children, youth and families who are living in harmony with their land, language and their Creator given place in the world, where communities are restored to full functional capacity and where Elders rest assured that all is well.

We see a future where our Indigenous communities, including urban Indigenous populations, have the full internal, independent capacity to practice justice that is based in traditional wisdom, learning and healing; and, where individual and whole community benefits are demonstrable and restorative practices are seen as a standard course of action in all matters.

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